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"Roxy gave me incomparable customer service when the Quantum fuel pump for my Vision did not include the hose. She was incredibly persistent in getting an answer from Quantum and keeping me appraised of her progress."
Michel D Magers
Greeley, CO
"These People are always friendly and quick to help. Debbie will call me if anything is going on with my order and will try her best to always fix any problem. When my VIC needs something I will always use Witchdoctor's "
SimiValley, CA
"Love this company, ordered a center stand for my 2015 Vegas 8-Ball works like a charm and took 30 min's to install. It's going to make washing, changing oil, checking tire pressure. It was a snap to install on my Vegas"
andrew shudra jr
Alamo, TX
"Love this company they go up and above the call to make sure you are satisfied. Great communication and follow up. Bought the muscle mufflers (baffled) and 100% satisfied. Highly recommend this company A+."
John Zelko
Northeast, MI
"Just put on the baffled muscle mufflers for my victory crossroads and are they great. Loud but not too loud, with a deep throaty tone. 100% happy and satisfied. Get this my wife also loves the sound ( can’t believe this ). Super fast shipping and great communication. Also the video on how to install was spot on. Thanks Witchdoctors for upgrading my bike for a fair price."
Northeast, MI
"I purchased a set of pug wires for 2013 Jackpot.They arrived Wednesday, went to put them on and they don't lock on the coils like factory units. I don't think I would make it to the end of drive way before they would fall off. But they look good hanging on the garage wall. NEVER AGAIN."
Terry Weberling
Buchanan, MI
"I have to say that Witchdoctors has been my Go To supplier for my bikes which are a 2006 Victory King Pin and a 2011 Ness Cross Cointry. Everything I have bought has come to me in perfect shape and promptly delivered. I love that you are still supporting Victory and I look at you as my go to source for anything I need. I have spoken to John personally and he has been amazing! Thank you Witchdoctors for everything you do!! Sincerely, Marco "
Marco Leizza
Saugus, MA
"To whom it may concern. I've purchased a few different things for my 2014 Victory Cross Country from your web site over the years. The latest items purchased was a pair of your Mayhem handle bars and a pair of toe rests for the crash bars. Always happy with the product that arrives. I just received the handle bars and toe rests today. Opened them and they were exactly as advertised and the quality and finish of both the bars and toe rests is amazing. That's prompted me to write this. Nice, solid and well made products both the items. Don't think I've ever been happier with the quality of products received online. You guys are Da Bomb as the kids say. lol =) Also appreciate all the tech vids you guys do. You are the best site for just about everything I've found for Victory. If I was going to criticize anything it would be that you're WAY to far away. Keep up the great work. Hugh McGillvray "
Hugh McGillvray
"Thank you so much!! I ordered my kickstand extension on Friday and received it on Monday!!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼"
SantaMaria, CA
"Very first order ! Everything went well, received in timely manner, professional service,, and i love the parts I got at a very good price !! I have a Victory Gunner, and i will be buying from Witchdoctors from now on ! Thanks guys and girls !!!"
Kym Molton
Macon, GA
"Purchased Baffled Muscle Mufflers for my 2013 Hard Ball. Could not be happier! Service was great and Witchdoctors shipped super quick. Mufflers sound great. Videos and sound clips don't do these mufflers justice. Great idle rumble and nice deep bark when on the throttle. Much deeper and more mellow sound than most Harleys I hear. Best description is the one the Witchdoctor gives, "Sixties Muscle Car". Not that raspy, ragged sound of most of the open pipe twins that are everywhere. Also great "back off sound", as we used to call it, when you get of the throttle. Props to the Witchdoctor. You nailed this one!"
Patrick Delehanty
Castleton, IN
"2013 Victory CCT. Where do I start. I first purchased the 300 wt. Rockford Fosgate amp with high end speakers from WD's. Extremely easy installation with the plug and play options they gave. Love the sound and can easily hear above 80. Have yet to install the rear speakers but I am sure the sound will be even better. Just recently I purchased a shift rod and new battery. The shift rod shipped same day but the battery was on back order. I inquired how long the battery would take since it was on back order. I received an email stating it would be more than a week or so. To my surprise the battery was shipped over night the next day free of charge since I took the free shipping option. I could not be happier with WD's and I will always look at this site first before I make any purchases. My only regret was missing the email stating I could get a discount on my next purchase after the stereo upgrade. I could have saved some money but that is not the fault of WD. Great company and superb customer service. T.S. Smithfield, NC."
Troy Soronen
Selma, NC
"I purchased a set plug wires on a Saturday night. They were shipped the next Monday. They arrived Wednesday! Great service! Now, for the rest of the story: Jon offered a set of plugs with any set of wires a week after I got my wires, and when I mentioned my poor timing on Facebook, he offered to send me set of plugs, free! I will always do business with Witchdoctor’s!"
Ben Diaz
" Ordered top tail light Trim for my '18 Chieftain Limited - like the Shope/Kuryakyn headlight bezel, but have to do this one piece at a time ........... Not been up that way in years. Worked near Cleveland @ CEI/Perry 3yrs was there for hot function test & turn over before the bottom fell out in '84"
Verlin Battle
Candler, NC
"My main challenge is that I live in Taiwan, ride my High-Ball alone, my Chinese language is not so great, and we don't have any/many parts suppliers here, which is bizarre considering how many parts are actually made in Taiwan. Over the past 12 months I have bought quite a few items from Witchdoctors. Many are small or simple cosmetic bolt-ons, but it gives me great satisfaction to make these changes to my bike, making it "mine", as I want it. Witchdoctors is always my first port of call when I have an idea, or to browse for new ideas. Their range of available goods is superb, and whenever I have ordered anything it has been despatched very promptly. Numerous times I have contacted Witchdoctors for advice and I know oftentimes I might be asking stupid, basic, questions, but I have always felt that they are there for me. For someone without friends' back-up here, just a nod and "yes, you're doing ok" or "yep, thats correct, keep going", it really means a lot to have this great customer service and that feeling of reassurance that I won't be left alone if I need advice. Thanks to all at Witchdoctors. "
Mark Vickers
"I purchased the 4 channel amp with speakers May of 2016 and just got around to installing amp and rear speakers in the trunk,I am very pleased with the results, after I change my touring windshield to a shorter model it was hard to hear my music above 70 mph, now I can hear it up to at least 85, haven't got a chance to go faster yet but I believe even at 90+ I should be able to hear it. I am very satisfied."
Jerry Goggins
Houston, TX
"Bought a great set of Bluetooth speakers for my 2010 Hammer. Great price. Beats the pants off anything available in Australia for a third of the cost. Great customer support from Debbie who answered all my questions promptly and efficiently and very fast delivery. Will definitely be throwing any business I can your way. Thanks for making this all so easy for me!"
"I have a 16 Victory CCT 8ball, need a new windscreen. I order one from witchdoctor and I love it. IT was quick processing and fast shipping!!!"
Joe Smith
Jacksonville, FL
""The Velocity Ring by Bad Ace Billet does exactly what it was described to do. It stops a lot of the really loud back firering. I particularly needed to stop the loud popping on start up. Thanks to Witch Doctor for making advanced items available to motor cycle owners." Rick Burrier Fort Myers, Fl "
Rick Burrier
FortMyers, FL
"I have a 07 Victory Hammer S had discovered a crack in the rear taillight. I thought this would be a good opportunity to upgrade to a newer 12 bulb 12v taillight. I was unaware that it was a 3 pin as my original is a 2 pin. I had no knowledge on wiring and this would require splicing into my computer harness with a voltage regulator. But discovered Witchdoctors wiring harness and after a quick delivery I had it installed in 15 minutes! It was a true plug and play! This is a must for upgrading a taillight! Icing on the cake was a friendly follow up call to see if I received my order in good condition and on time with a thank you for my order. Great Place for your Victory parts and needs!"
Mike Giambattista
Hatfield, PA
"Was able to buy a pair of Arlen Ness pegs for my 2016 Indian at a very discounted price and am thrilled with them. The UPS guy put them on wrong doorstep but was able to find them at my neighbors house (not a WitchDoctors issue) and man am I thrilled with how they look on the bike. Shipped fast and first time in my life (am I am no spring chicken) the company called to see if the product arrived and how I liked them..... that is customer service at its very finest and I am truly impressed. When I buy toys for my toy, my first website visited will be WitchDoctors from now on!!!"
David Scott
SaintAugustine, FL
"Thank you so much for your outstanding service. My rear shock on my CCT went out again a week from going on a bike trip. I ordered a Penske shock on Tuesday and received it Thursday. The shock went right in and the bike rides better than ever. "
Chris Hurt
OakGrove, OR
"I spent hours looking at reds top paint my bike, ended up here and bought the sunset red. I'm speechless as to how perfect it came out. It put the cheap black I bought to shame. I don't normally leave reviews, but dayum."
Thomas S Botts
Earlville, IA
"Victory 2013 cross country tour, the rear air shock finally started leaking oil at 74,000 miles. So after considerable research I decided on the Penske shock from Witchdoctors, Installation was not that bad, watching vids from Witchdoctors gave enough info on the steps to complete the project in 3.5 hours. Without any adjustments to the shock It felt a little harsh for my needs, made 4 clicks softer and ITS A WHOLE NEW BIKE, I am extremely pleased with how it soaks up the bumps and the cracks in the road are not even noticed anymore. The part that amazes me the most is how the bike accelerates faster, getting up to 90 mph is no effort and the ride at 80-90 mph is so smooth it has me chuckling, in the twisties the bike feels far more secure than it ever did, the bike handles great as we all know but now it feels glued to the road at any speed no matter how sharp or fast i take the turns, all this from a rear shock!! I now notice how much the road vibrations come from the forks NOT the rear!!! Have yet to ride two up with the new shock but I have no doubts the warden will be pleased also. THANK YOU WITCHDOCTORS THE BEST MONEY SPENT ON MY BIKE EVER!!! If your on the fence about ordering the Penske, stop and pull the trigger your only regret is you should of done it years ago, just like me!!!!"
Lance Payne
Peyton, CO
"I’ve made a few perchases from Witch Doctors and have been very satisfied with them. Today I decided to remove my lowering link and go back to the stock because I’m scraping my pipes every time Ileave a parking lot or a large bump or hard cornering. I pulled up the Witch Doctor how to video and had this link changed out in no time without even any cussing. Thank you Witch Doctor for giving a crap about us Victory riders. Dominic Ruggiere"
Dominic Ruggiere
Shrewsbury, MA
"Not only did I receive exactly what I wanted in record time on my first order ever, but toss in a bag of Tootsie Rolls also?!? C'mon!!! Absolutely awesome!! Thank you for the extremely fast shipping and great service. You gained yet another customer, Thank you!"
Rico S.
Cranston, RI
"Up to this point I've been very bigly happy with WD product and services. I have just purchased the center stand for 08/09 vision, installed it and i have to say what the @##$% were you thinking selling this thing. 1 add a caveat saying" If you have purchased a freedom dual exhaust system you will need a 3/16" spacer for the passenger side bolt. 2. You will either need to uninstall the exhaust bracket or lay the bike down on passenger side to place driver side bolt home. (dont have a 1/2 full or fuller tank). 3. you will have to adjust the stand pads upward at least 1 full revolution. 4. Remember to always have someone there to help you get the bike off the center stand because the stand (mound) will flex past 90 degrees toward 103 ( best i could measure) meaning you need a good bit off ass to push it off the center stand---trying to use the engine to assist will only let you make a really nice cloud of burning rubber. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this product to anyone who has had a factory center stand on a motorcycle before. This will not work perform like a factory unit at all. Furthermore, looking at this thing i would almost say it was designed upside down. Oh an my wife just pointed out WERE ARE MY TOOTSIE ROLLS!!"
Todd Bowen
Watauga, TX
"WITCHDOCTOR'S is an awesome company to do business with. I have ordered from them several times, and I have always been satisfied with their Customer Service, and their Products!!! You will have me as a long time customer. "
Mark Richards
LeagueCity, TX
"I purchased a sets of Witchdoctor's Muscle Mufflers ( Baffled ) , for my 2010 XC. The entire process was so simple, one phone call on Monday and by Friday night I was installing my new pipes. Absoulutly love the sound of these pipes , couldn't have asked for a better deal. Your Customer relations and customer follow up are above and beyond what I had expected. Look forward to purchasing more Victory Products through Witchdoctor's. Awesome! You Rock !!"
Thomas Boyd
"Witch Doctors has been spot on with all of my orders for my 2017 Indian Chief Dark Horse. Unlike other vendors, they offer great products, excellent customer service and perfect order fulfillment. I appreciate this commitment to me as a loyal and repeat customer. Will keep coming back!!!."
Jamie Briggs
Bridgeport, PA
"The products Witchdoctors sell are top notch quality!! Everytime i order parts for my 2014 Cross Country they arrive with in days and in perfect condition. Their customer service is top notch!! The tootsie rolls are great!!"
Kenneth Dahl
Peru, IN
"Great service! Fast ship, plus they followup on you! "
John Reynolds
Stonewall, LA
Suitland, MD
"I have purchased many items from Witchdoctors each and every time they go beyond my expectations. Thank you for great products.(Victory Cross Country Tour Owner.) Jimmy Hoffman, Neptune NJ."
Jimmy Hoffman
NeptuneCity, NJ
"I ordered the divit style exhaust tips for my 2011 Victory Cross Roads. Tips came in two days flat, I was immediately impressed by the weight of the box, which conveyed to me that these tips were made of some solid "stuff". The tips are absolutely gorgeous! I couldn't wait to see how they looked on the bike, so I grabbed my tools and got to work. 20-25 minutes later, my bike is sitting pretty. The difference is night and day from the stock tips. You guys rock! "
Suitland, MD
"My wife ordered a Fuel Cap for my Victory XCT Tour. The product arrived 1 day ahead of schedule. Excellent customer service, and products!!! Will definately be purchasing from WitchDoctor's again."
Mark Richards
LeagueCity, TX
"Bought the Ness Big Honker exhaust. Wow! What a great sound and easy installation. Fast shipping. You guys rock. "
Robb Moseley
NorthLittleRoc, AR
"I have purchased 5 separate order from Witchdoctor's and everyone of them came fast and perfect. Love the enhancements to my 2016 Victory Cross Country"
Joe Inghram
Molino, FL
"Witchdoctors is the greatest I have gotten all my parts and custom parts for my victory cross country shipping is fast thank you witchdoctors for your great customer service "
Maurice Hunter
"I don't normally write 5 star reviews, but Witchdoctor's more than deserves one. I truly appreciate their fast shipping, quality products, customer service, follow up calls and those great DIY videos. I know I'm repeating myself, but I can't say enough about there great customer service. Keep up the good work!"
Martin B.
ValleySprings, CA
"Ordered an adjustable lowering link for my Victory and it was delivered in four working days. Watched installation video and installed yesterday with no problems. Received a follow up call this morning to make sure I was completely satisfied. Who does that anymore. Great product, smooth installation with video help and great customer service. I will be be making more purchases from this company. Thanks, Rick"
Rickey Osborn
Tucson, AZ
"Insanely fast shipping! Great selection of products at great prices. Love the installation and overview videos. They are very helpful for those of us who like to upgrade our bikes, but are not actual bike mechanics. Did I mention the incredibly fast shipping!"
Tim Hauswirth
Richmond, IL
"Bought a starter for an 07 Victory Kingpin (part 18861), got the right part and it worked. "
Gary Gustafson
WarnerRobins, GA
"customer service is second to none.. I have 4 bikes and I buy most of my stuff online. I use to buy all over the place but not anymore. after finding this site, I will only buy from here ... "
Anthony Montgomery
Aubrey, TX
"I ordered a shorty antenna for my CCT and the package arrived within 3 days!! That is the fastest I have ever had a company ship something....but wait, it get's better. Your price was 50% better than amazon! What really prompted this testimonial though was the small added personal touches that accompanied my order. Mama is happy and you guys have a customer for life. Thank you to everyone who handled my order."
Glenn Young
Olympia, WA
"I received my timing wheel and gasket and everything worked perfectly, I'll be making another order very soon ! THANKS !"
Anthony Lowe
SanFrancisco, CA
"Good service, web site showed the grips would fit my Victory and was correct. Not the usual. Received order within 2 days and a follow up call to make sure I was satisfied with my experience. Yes I was. Thanks."
Gary Gustafson
WarnerRobins, GA
"Wow super fast! service in half the time as most of all the rest!!.My order arrived to my Australian door in 1/3 the time as others to good. Wicked touches with the candy for Mama too. Companies ike you will keep America great in my eyes. God Bless you God Bless America"
Ross Keys
"Installed the slash pipes for my 04 Vegas. Everything went well without a hitch! The pipes are excellent quality and look awesome on the bike. The sound is perfect! The order process and delivery with Witchdoctor's I highly recommend. Thank you for being there for Victory owners and I look forward to future purchases."
Jerry Frady
Etowah, TN
"Installed 2" lowering link. Looks great,handles great,gives rider a bit more leverage to assist in backing up and flat footing. Shipping was fast!!! Order was followed up with a phone call to ensure satisfaction. FULLY satisfied. Victory Cross Country 2015"
"Shout out to Jackie in customer service. I was looking all over the internet for a set of Rush War horse 4 inch slip on mufflers for my 2016 Indian Springfield. Twice I ordered these mufflers from different vendors only to have them inform me days later they were out of stock. This forced me to have to cancel my order and start my search all over again. One vendor even sent me the wrong mufflers inconveniencing me even further by having me ship them back to them and making me wait for my refund until they got there wrong parts back from me. Again inconveniencing me now by holding up my funds. The vendors weren't out of stock, they never had them to begin with. Rush was out of stock. Most of these vendors don't have these items in stock and there websites are not maintained often enough to alert you they don't have the item you want even when they advertise fast free shipping. Witchdoctor's was the only site that not only had the parts in stock but had them for the cheapest price and got them to me ASAP. Now that's a company worth doing business with, I will be back and I will be telling all my friends to check out your site as well. Well all my parts came in on time as promised, Thanks Jackie, I installed them today and they look beautiful sound beautiful and I could not be happier. Now I can go on my trip as planned with my new Rush mufflers with no more delays. Thanks again, Chris M"
Chris Martino
Nutley, NJ
"My clutch cable broke on Memorial Day, Ordered a new one and some parts that nite, Get home Wednesday and they are sitting at the door! Nice! Everytime I order from you, I am completely satisfied! Thanks!!"
William Dinning
Fairoaks, PA
"Great product + fast shipping = happy customer Thank you for making the YouTube videos. I have learned so much about my bike from the YouTube videos. It makes me feel more confident when working on my bike. "
TinleyPark, IL
"Got the gators AND the headlights, one day apart! Super fast shipping, THANKS. Headlights look awesome. Now if I can only find a FIVE-YEAR-OLD to get his hands in behind the headlight housing to change them out!! Working on Visions can be fun !!! NOT !!! Hey, Maw/Paw Vic, Slingshot over Victory.....REALLY?!?!?!?"
Mark Comer
BarefootBay, FL
"ordered a windshield, made a mistake ordered the wrong one, but Witchdoctors helped me in getting it mailed back and crediting my account, you can not go wrong ordering from Witchdoctors, plan to do a road trip and visit with this good people. David Scroggins "
David Scroggins
Yelm, WA
"I enjoy the sound of the freedom true dual exhaust purchase them black not quite a year ago they are ready starting to rust and discolor is this normal. Not happy"
Robert butler
Chester, PA
"Ordered a rectifier/regulator for my 08 Vegas, costs 25% less than dealer, came quickly, and fit perfect. Witchdoctor's has a new customer for sure. Thanks."
jim sheusi
Bristol, RI
"Just installed the Sabertooth L.E.D. Saddlebag Accents, Gloss Black onto my 2016 Cross Country 8 Ball. They look great! Not to mention adding a measure of visibility to my riding. Installation was easy thanks to the Video instructions. I took my time and it paid off. Had my tablet close by during the installation. Thanks Witchdoctor's."
Charles Bates
Cypress, CA
"The "How To Videos" Jon has made are a wonderful service that he has offered the entire Victory community. His sponsorship and participation at numerous Victory rallies, as well as donations to local riding groups speaks to his charitable nature. His business offers outstanding customer service, and his support of the now "orphaned" Victory community will no doubt cement his legacy. I have had the pleasure of making numerous purchases from Witchdoctor's both online as well as by visiting his store. In every case I was satisfied by the product and service I received, as well as the price I paid. Thank you Jon, and continued success. It is good to see your slogan "Here for you now more than ever" as we will need YOU now more than ever!"
Jeff Cummings
"I have purchased most of my bike upgrades from Witchdoctor's and been really happy. Terrific service, even when they don't have the item you want. Customer service went way out of their way to contact their vendor and get me the exact windshield I wanted for my '15 XCT. Just outstanding!"
G McBride
GigHarbor, WA
"Shipping was super fast! Unfortunately, the part I ordered was pretty terrible! I ordered the victory cheese wedge badge Item #WB-209. It is a cheap looking sticker on a piece of molded plastic that does not fit well on the cover. It is so cheap looking. I can't believe I paid that much money for something that will end up in the trash. Come on witch doctors, you're better than this! "
Graham, NC
"You guys ROCK!! Seriously!! I ordered the "emergency clutch cable" for my 2001 Vic, right before a weekend ride with my brother in law. I had seen your video on uTube, and figured it'd be a good thing to have... Not only did you get it to me on time for the ride. I ended up having to use it.. maybe not such a good thing, but I had the tools to keep the ride from becoming a disaster..Thanks to Witchdoctors!! I really have to say, in the age of mostly non-existent customer service, you folks have not only reset the bar on service, you surpass it.. Thanks again for the great product, service, the follow up phone call. (sorry I missed ya) and all the things that make someone feel good about a product... "
William Miller
Morganton, NC
"The selection and prices of Victory motorcycle Accessories are phenomenal. The customer service is definitely top rate. Real people to answer the phones and questions which to me is a top rate company at the start. The videos they have of almost every product from what is best, to what is easiest, to how to install, and things to look out for while installing is just superior. It allows the DIY person to actually get in, get the hands dirty, and get to know one's bike. Bar none, Witchdoctor's is a class in itself for accessories."
David Tagye
Morganton, NC
"Just installed my baffled muscle muffler on my 12 XC. WOW, even better than I expected. I did a test ride with 50mph wind gust and rain. Sounded GREAT ! Witchdoctors gets 5 STARS. Not one problem in 2 years and great service. Keep up the great job !"
Mike Sowers
LasVegas, NV
"Just installed my baffled muscle muffler on my Victory Vision and WOW ! I love the deep throaty rumble at idle and when accelerating. The installation is a little more involved but well worth the effort! Great job WitchDoctors! 👍🏼"
Chicago, IL
"I have made several purchases over that last few months and most over the last month or so... Thanx for the great customer service, prompt delivery, & great prices on many of your items... I also appreciate the DIY videos. And finally a big THANX for deciding to stick it out even with the demise of Victory... I look forward to continued purchases!!!"
B.K. Robnson
Hampton, VA
"Customer satisfaction is Witchdoctors #1 priority, and it shows. Ordered the Kuryakyn Sabertooth LED accent lights on February 6th and they were delivered on the 8th. How's that for fast shipping!! Got a call from Dylan at Witchdoctors (which I missed) and he left a message asking if everything showed up OK, if I was satisfied and if there was anything he could help me with. I couldn't believe it!! When you have a company that is that concerned with customer satisfaction, it makes you confident that no matter what, they will have your back. I still have a few goodies I need for my '11 XC, and Witchdoctors will be at the top of my list. Thanks guys, and keep up the good work!!"
James Kaetler
"I've made three orders in the last month first I made a mistake but they made it right last two shipped just hours after ordered could not possibly be any better customer service,thank you Peter I will buy about everything for my 2016XC here "
Danny West
Clever, MO
"I am very grateful for finding this website! The customer service is unmatched and I have bought parts from MOTORCYCLE SUPERSTORES, J& P, and a few other shops online, Witchdoctors is without equal! Not only do they send parts in a timely manner, it's almost like they have telepathy and call me on the very same day it arrives asking if everything came ok! If the product is on backorder, they also call to give a heads up, most other online stores are too busy to do mundane things like that. Dylan is the best customer service rep, and Robyn is very friendly too, another customer earlier said it well, they treat you like you're one of the family and not just another number. It was very reassuring to know you will be here for us Victory owners now that it is no longer in production, and to show MY appreciation you will continue to get my business for as long as I own my Victory, and I have no plans to sell it... ever!!"
David Ivey
HollyPark, CA
"Truly great people and very helpful they know these bikes like nothing other!"
Greg Fails
"Excellent products. Excellent customer service after the sale. Thank you for what y'all are doing for Victory/ Indian owners."
Ken Anderson
Burnsville, NC
"So, I get the news that Victory will no longer be making bikes. I have been riding for 49 years. I have owned them all. I rode the new Indian five times. It was then that I said to myself, that's it, I'm gonna dump some money into my 2011 Cross Roads. And Witchdoctors is the place to do it. I have bought just about every piece of chrome, every option, a bunch of performance goodies that I can buy for it. Many I bought right here at Witchdoctors. I plan on running my bike for the rest of my life. It's nice to know Witchdoctors will be right there with me."
JR Lehmkuhl
LaVerkin, UT
"Everything I have ever bought from you has worked and installed exactly as stated. I've watched your videos on how to install things and they are 100% spot on!! I love you!! Keep up the great work!!"
Gary V.
Ashburn, VA
"Over the Christmas break, I watched a number of you "How To" videos on YouTube and the information was valuable. That is why I decided to purchase from Witchdoctor."
Bryant Beeler
Allen, TX
"I had a big wish list. Upon meeting with Peter who help with different items that was on my list from the 4 channel Amp and 4 each Alpine speakers, Lloydz proformance air filter kit, Adjustable timing gear, Cams DR, Power Commander V, New grips with 1/4 turn ring, Freedom pips. There Amp kit was all plug & play no wire cutting or splicing at all. There DIY video walk me right through step by step. Next was installing Lloydz adjustable Timing gear and Power Commander V witch was a walk in the park after first time removal of the fairing, tank, and seat by watching there DIY video. The only thing I can't do is the Cam and dyno tuning. As I am new to the Victory Cross Country bike and buying all my wish list items from Witchdoctor and installing it on my bike myself I was able to save alot and with the help from Peter and there DIY videos. I won't have been able to buy and pay for labor to install all of these items at 1 time. Thanks again Witchdoctor..."
"Witchdoctors is the place to go for your aftermarket parts. Period. The customer service sets a high bar for others to achieve. From follow up calls to my questions, I was treated as a good friend and not a number. My bike is 2014 crossroads. My Witchdoctors parts are; 1/4 turn throttle ring. It gives a great jump of idle and just easier to operate. Kinda like my dirtbikes throttle and my wrists don't like to move around so much.....can you say to many crashes on my KTM? Lloyds performance air cleaner. It makes a super cool intake roar or honk or whatever you may call it. Power commander V. I needed it. Lloyds adjustable timing wheel. I am running mine at 4degrees advanced. Witchdoctors hot rod exhaust baffles. A nice rumble at idle and it sounds like nothing else. The exhaust and air cleaner combo make it sound like a one off highly tuned race motor.....and it runs like one. High performance spark plug wires. They look cool and are probably better than stock. I have ridden in crazy hard rain and had no issues. The how to videos really helped for the install, but just about anybody with a good set of tools and patience can handle. Now for my helpful install tips. BEFORE you remove the gas tank, get yourself a few light colored shop rags and place them under the rear of the gas tank. You wanna catch those rubber grommets before they fall into a bad place. Say that again. Plan ahead. I put some dielectric paste on them on the reinstall and it made it much easier, along with loctite on the mounting bolts. Remember we are dealing with an aluminum frame, so make sure there are no cross threading issues. I mounted my power commander behind the left side panel and secured it the the sticky stuff and zip ties. A bit of dielectric on the side panel tabs helps them slide into those grommets easier. I ran the ground directly to the negative side of the battery, I had to splice in more wire. Did I void the warranty?!!!??? Anyhow, quality butt connectors and some shrink tubing made it look like new. As for installing the power commander to the injectors is patience, reading glasses, good finger dexterity and a few beers. The timing wheel is pretty easy. Just support that floorboard and be careful with those 2 wires, not to pinch them. My last trip to the power commander website didn't have many maps for the victory motors. I found one that was close to my mods, downloaded it and plugged it in. The bike fired right up. I am lucky cuz one of my buddies is a motorcycle tech instructor at the local college....and they have dyno there, so my bike got more tweaking there. I put on these parts January 2015. I couldn't stop playing with the throttle, cuz it sounded so COOL. It sounded so cool in the garage, I fired up my KTM Sxf 350, them my Suzuki 350 4 stroke, and my Honda 150 4 stroke. Internal combustion is a wonderful thing. I put all those victory parts on at the same time, so I can't say what did what on an individual basis. And I didn't think the snow was gonna ever melt. Those mods improved engine response. The motor seems like it is working so much easier. I want to think my fuel mileage improved but my fun factor throttle hand says different. "
SouthBend, NE
"Love dealing with these people. You get everything quickly and painlessly. My new pipes (Freedom Exhaust) arrived on time and in very good condition. Now if I can only find those FelPro gaskets I miss placed. As a side note, Freedom instructions..well suck.. YES large industrial vacuum type sucking, The tiny pictures are not easily understood, There is no parts list. Instructions refer to part #'s and you have no idea what item it is referring to. After 3 tries with the silver bracket locations, I got it right and the pipe lined up. So, after 90 minutes of gnashing teeth and calling into question the partentage of Freedom exhaust tech writers - I actually got to start Vicki up and listen to the new purr. It does sound nice."
Todd B
Watauga, TX
"Great guys to work with. I purchased the Vision radio amp upgrade and they addressed my concerns on the difficulty in retro fitting it to my bike. After a conversation with a REP I felt confident that it would be no problem to tackle........8 hours later great sounds! THANKS WITCHDOCTORS"
EB Chicago
Chicago, IL
"After popping a clutch cable on the side of the highway one day and going through all the trouble of riding my bike home using a screwdriver in the clutch I was caged for two weeks because I don't have 120$ to spend on a clutch cable. My wife found this site and hooked me up! absolutely amazing and a simple fix! Everyone should keep one in their bags."
HarkerHeights, TX
"Just received my consisting of the Arlen Ness Big Honkers, Morse style exhaust tips, and VFC-III. Got the honkers on the other day and they sound incredible. Exactly what I was looking for... a nice deep rumble that barks when given gas but quiet enough for cruising down road and listening to tunes. Haven't had a chance yet to get the VFC-III on yet as I'm waiting for tank to hit empty. The Morse tips look great but only one came with bolts/screws (3) and the other did not. Two suggestions...one, remind folks that the exhaust are left and right side specific. Got one on and started on other side when I realized it DOES make a difference which one goes to which side....and it explained why I had such a prob getting the side bag to go on and open and shut correctly on the first side I completed. Ooops! The other suggestion is to bring back the installation videos. For some reason I can't access or find any install videos for the exhaust anymore and I know I saw them about 9 or 12 months ago. The video would have perhaps saved a lot of time and kept me from putting the first exhaust on the wrong side to begin with. Switched out the exhaust and everything went back together like a dream. Can't wait to get the VFC-III installed and then put her on a dyno."
Rick Quill
Baxter, MN
"I can not say "Thanks" enough to you guys, I have ordered parts from other companies in the past, but Witchdoctor's has put them all to shame. i just ordered a clutch cable for my 06 Vegas 8-Ball, and the entire experience from speaking to the friendly woman on the phone, to the QUICK delivery to my doorstep, to even opening up the package and finding my new cable (with tootsie Rolls) You guys kick ass and I will be using witchdoctors for all of my victory needs from this point on and even when I get another Victory. Thanks again for what you guys do!"
Josh Logan
Kossuth, MS
"Good agent on the phone, fast shipping, great price. The video about installing the fork seals and bushings was right on the money, made install a breeze. It was a great experience dealing with Witchdoctors!"
Mike Clements
IowaCity, IA
"Fast top notch service and parts! Thank you!!"
phil greco
"First rate customer service. Fast shipping and very fast response to inquiries. "
Seth Chenault
Oronogo, MO
"Purchased the LED passing lights for my Cross Country Tour, they work & look Awesome, easy to install too ! Thank you "
Garland, TX
"I just installed a set of your baffled muscle mufflers on my 2013 Vision. Install was very straight forward using basic tools. I can only say that they sound absolutely awesome...just like your product description! Thank you With Doctors!!!"
"Again, these guys are awesome. Dylan, much thanks and kudos, the parts are A1 the selection and prices are great, quick shipment, and the follow up calls are awesome,, will always be a satisfied customer. THANKS AGAIN.."
stu carroll
"I received my heel shifter very quickly, and installation was a breeze, thanks to the instructions included. The tootsie rolls were yummy, too. Thanks again!"
Leslie Crotty
SaintGeorge, UT
"First time ordering from Witchdoctor. My plugs and wires came in 2 days. I'm still stunned by the fast service and great prices ( about 1/2 the dealer price). They also included Tootsie Rolls and a $5. coupon to make things even better. I'm very happy with the quality, price and fast delivery. I will continue to shop here and recommend Witchdoctor to anyone who rides a Victory. THANK YOU.."
BellaVista, AR
"Almost everyone of my accessories for my 2013 Hardball has come from Witchdoctors. Very satisfied with the products, customer service and the DIY videos which I have found useful. Even with the very large sum of money I have spent making my bike my "own" sshh! Don't tell the wife... I have managed to save some money buying from Witchdoctors "
Bowman, ND
"Just installed the 2 inch lowering kit for my Arlen Ness Magnum .I can now touch flat footed which is awesome. The video on how to install was excellent. Shipping was fast and will definitely use them again. Thanks so much "
Whitewater, CO
"The clutch cable snapped on my cross country. I started in Columbus by going to 3 different shops. No one had anything or had even heard of anything to fix my delema. I called and talked to robin. She advised me that they did in fact have the repair cable and they only had 3 left. So I gave her my info and away I went. 3 hours later I arrive and I'm greeted by Peter, we talk for a few minutes and he offers me a tour of the facility. Along the way he shows me many different parts and aspects of the business, as we are walking through the isles he introduces me to John, we talk for a few minutes. Then we continue with the tour, Peter tells me about where they have been, where they are now, and where they want to be in the future. I am very impressed with the service and hospitality I was shown today by every employee from Robin on the phone, To Peter when I walk in the door and by John as we were checking out the warehouse. I will return and will recommend witch doctors everyone I can. A big THANK YOU to everyone!!"
Toby M
"New Cross Country that I was looking to add / open the exhaust for a better sound riding - Match the styling of the bike better. I ordered the Cross Bike Muscle Baffle Muffler which I received in 3 days - I was impressed since it was out of stock. Installation was a breeze-took a bit of effort to separate stock exhaust from factory but putting the new mufflers on was straight forward. Used some exhaust pipe sealant on installation - to seal and easy sliding it back on. Tightened it all back up and started it right up. Sounds great - rides very nicely at hwy speeds and not blaring out my riding partners. Credit on cores was processed in 3 days after returning them - thumbs up WitchDoctor- and thanks for the follow up call "
John C
Hamilton, NJ
"I've ordered from witchdoctors on a couple of occasions. first I bought the 1.5 inch lowering link and shorter kick stand for my 2010 XC. used the DIY video and had no problem putting the link on. Next I purchased the 21" magnum front wheel & tire package with fender. they didn't offer the tire I Wanted in the dropdown for ordering. I made a phone call to customer service and the rectified it. I had to find Someone to Paint the fender. Kind of tough to get the factory paint but it can be done (touchupdirect.com) I'll be using the DIY video to help put it together. I will order from witchdoctors again in the future. Thanks "
Danny Elmo
Richland, WA
"Great group of people to buy from. They offered some advice on products I was purchasing. The DIY videos are very informative and helpful as well. Also like the fact they called me after the product was delivered to make sure of dilivery satisfaction and the product fit ment. My Kingpin has never looked so good. Thanks to you and your staff I now am a proud owner of a KingCross!!!! Thank you all! Keep up the good work."
Mike Martinez
Hastings, NE
"This is the first time that I have purchased items from Witchdoctor's and the experience was fantastic. All orders arrived very promptly within days. However, when one of the items had a wrong part in the box Peter from Witchdoctor's took care of me. The Freedom Exhaust box had a wrong bracket in the box that did not fit my 2015 Victory Cross Country Tour. Not only did Peter contact Freedom to correct the mistake but Freedom expedited the bracket to me so I could get my bike back up and running. My bike is my only form of transportation and any delay would have been a significant impact. Thanks to Witchdoctor's and Freedom Exhaust excellent customer service I was back up in no time. You have a loyal customer for life."
Woody Rice
Titusville, FL
"I can't get enough of the videos. Every possible modification or upgrade is there. Great service, fast shipping and pleasure to talk to the customer service. Oh...I have watched the WD behind the scenes video and its so cool knowing what the place look like and introduction to the people takes you inside their business. So Robyn, thank you for you being professional, fun and helpful. Keep up the good job WD !!!"
Mark Wylenczek
Bristol, CT
"recently received, 2 orders from Witchdoctors, arlen ness brake resevior, custom exhaust tips and 1/4 turn throttle ring, quality products, good on pricing and impressed with the courtesy call to insure all went well and to call if any questions arise,, the guys are awesome, sold me as a permanent customer, and great video support as well, way to go guys... thanks much."
stu carroll
"I have ordered several items for my Highball, the last of which is the 30 inch sissy bar. It looks awesome. Their customer service is amazing. Items were sent immediately, emails were sent and phone calls made to see if I was satisfied. They make you feel as if you're their only customer. "
Jimmie Grogan
Brooklyn, NY
"I purchased the big honker exhaust, deep cut tips, quarter turn throttle, Vision air filter, and Satin Black L.E.D. Laydown Curved License Plate Frame. All products came quickly, and anytime there was an issue with it not being in stock someone from WD called me to let me know. All my products were perfect, went on easy, and look great. WD has become my permanent Vision aftermarket parts supplier. "
Jermaine Johnston
Antioch, CA
"Just installed 1.5 lowering link and recommended kickstand, on my 2013 xc, followed the videos and 2.5hrs. Later finished and on the road. Love the look couldn't be happier. Next will be the WD stereo up grade. Big thanks WD."
Dan Hamilton
"Just bought a one year old black Victory Vision. Had some fairly significant scratches on the right side mirror and saddlebag. After watching your video on removing scratches three times, I decided to try it. Bought all the stuff, no practice, just went for it. I know, video stressed practice but after three hours of video training I had confidence. Sanded and buffed and now my bike is looking showroom condition with no scratches!!! The black paint is still there too! Buffed everything. Slinging compound was the hardest thing but after some mess and figuring out a secret technique, it was actually fun. My secret technique by the way was doing it in the driveway instead of inside the garage and letting it fly!! Great videos and very informative. I especially liked the video tour of your store. I have bought from Witchdoctors before and will do so again. Thanks for the great video support! "
Sam Matiello
FountainHills, AZ
"Just finish installing my lowering link .Your DIY video made the job a breeze. Thanks WD"
Fred Pastore
"Just finally put my running board turn signal LED strips on today. WOW what a difference. Great product, great price. Now my Vision has side visibility in traffic. Worth every cent."
Glen Osborne
"very pleased with the products and also very impressed with the level of customer service, and I find the instructional videos most helpful, I will be sending more business your way, thank you "
Joe Casoni
NorthWindham, CT
"I got to tell ya, I love your company. The parts are reasonable, they arrive quickly, easy to look up, staff is helpful, and the service videos are great. You Make the other manufacturers services look very poor in comparison. You made switching from a HD a no much easier. Thank you."
Black Widow Rod Shop
Dunlawton, FL
"Awesome service,international shipping was really quick and sent out same day I placed the order. Same day I received the parts, I got a phone call asking me how the service was and if I had any questions....will be ordering all my Victory parts from Witchdoctor! "
" cal call them they got back to me immediat dealt with a person named Robin ther feel terrible I don't know her last nam but if Robin is i any indicatio of how the rest of the staff are they are a dream to d of how the rest of the staff are they are a dream to deal with look forward to doing more business with them in the future"
Keith Reynolds
Koppel, PA
"This is only my 2nd order with Witchdoctor's and must say I am so impressed with product and service. I ordered the screw on gas cap for my CCT and got it in a couple of days. Also received a phone call from them asking if it arrived okay. Must say I also enjoy the tootsie rolls but I did give the little baggie that said "some for mama" to my husband! "
Jody Hollaway
Fontana, CA
"I ordered two items on Friday, 4 Mar 16 and received on Monday, 7 Mar 16. I purchased items from the close out and submitted a bid and was accepted. Great program and like being able to submit a price. I will be ordering from here again. Spoke with two team members and both were helpful and easy to talk to. "
Kirk Hanshew
Newburg, MO
"I placed an order for six items on 21 Dec. 2915, fortunately all were in stock. Robin - thanks for all your assistance. I was thinking that here would be NO way for a reasonable delivery w/o additional costs attached. No worries - i waited too late, it wou still be a good day whenever the itemsarrived. WOW!!! The packeage was delevered on 24 Dec via USPS...insane!!! What a X-Mas. Thanks WDs. "
Clark Dates
Stafford, VA
"Ordered the Lloydz Idle control valve, arrived this weekend, Install was a breeze thanks to WD how to videos. Cured most of my popping issues on the first go around. Thank you guys for everything. Oh and momma loved the tootsie rools. :) "
Todd Bowen
Watauga, TX
"Witchdoctor's went above and beyond for me and I didn't even have to ask. My boyfriend wanted Sabertooth lighting for his Victory Cross Country that isn't even available anymore. Because of high demand, Witchdoctor's contacted the company who makes them and had them make more. They weren't supposed to arrive until after December 28th. But, apparently they arrived earlier and I was so happy to receive an e-mail saying my order had shipped with two-day delivery so that I could receive it in time for Christmas!! Hopefully, USPS won't screw it up. I am so elated! I have ordered Victory items from Witchdoctor's before and the service is great!! Thank you all and happy holidays!!"
Sharon "Four Bucks" King
Oaklyn, NJ
"Got a great deal and my parts arrived fast . just what I order very happy. And Jon thanks for the free stuff"
Michael W. Lloyd
Russellville, AR
"Awesome customer service!!! When my 2013 Cross Country got smashed by a deer, he not only offered to fix t, but also dealt with all the hocus pocus of the insurance. I upgraded a bunch of stuff on the "Deerslayer" and couldn't be more happy. Every time I have ordered something, or gone to the shop to ask a stupid question, I was always welcomed and the parts were delivered with the quickness! Toosie rolls are also a plus!! Need custom Vic parts, and general badassery, Witchdoctor's is a one stop shop. Jon and his team are top notch!! "
Jeff "Nugget" Cox
"Got on Line, Parts were picked, packed and shipped asap. 5 days to Australia. Bought more parts for my 2nd Victory as soon as first lot of parts arrived. Great Job guys. Love the how to videos, Don't forget us over here in Australia. "
RT from Australia
"I found witchdoctor while I was looking for parts for my kingpin. I can honestly say I have never been treated like I was the only customer they had follow up call and email . other people and company's take note. This is how to get and keep business . I am very happy with everything I've bought and Believe me I will be back for more . I got a bike to spoil LOL . "
mike ziegler
Palmyra, PA
"Reasonable prices,fast shipping with their in stock items. And great DIY videos. I like the tootsie rolls! Lol I would sure like one of their cool looking hoodies!"
Geno De Long
Dublin, CA
"Here is an out and out endorsement of an aftermarket company. Are you tired of overpriced aftermarket prices from online companies with little to NO customer service? Take note here. Last week I placed an order with Jon Petrich​, Witchdoctors.com. Having done this in the past I knew that you almost immediately get an auto generated e-mail reply saying your order has been received, GREAT, then if during the week, you'll get another e-mail saying your order had been received and you'll be getting tracking info, etc. That's about the same as most. This time though, when I placed my order, got the auto response, but no follow up e-mail, waited a day, nothing. HMMmmm. Checked my credit card, I'd been charged. Next day called WD, talked with Peter, he checked what he could from his station, couldn't find the order. Obviously a computer glitch somewhere, said he'd check and get back to me. HE DID AS PROMISED, couldn't find the order anywhere in the system, but did find my credit card debit, refunded that. when that showed up on my card, I called Peter back, replaced my order, which he took care of right down to the shipping number. I didn't whine about it because I know things like this happen. Peter then gave me a generous discount for my 'troubles'. That was Tuesday, today (friday) my order was at my door when I got home. I know where I'm checking 1st from now on for anything I need for my 2 Victories"
Dana Thompson
NewHradec, ND
"I have purchased several items, on multiple occasions from WitchDoctors and no matter small, large, cheap, or expensive, their communication and speed for shipping are second to none! My most recent purchase was on 11/10/2015 and it just arrived at my doorstep on 11/12/2015 around 2 o'clock in the afternoon! Prices are always more than reasonable and products are always of the upmost quality. Will continue to look to you guys first on any of my purchases from here on out! "
Muncie, IN
"Installed Victory Vision Baffled Muscle Mufflers. Great sound, low, mellow and not obnoxious. I came from OEM mufflers and only wanted a little more aggressive sound, these were perfect. I installed myself (and I'm no wrench). "
Ed S.
Newfield, NJ
"I have been buying from Witchdoctor's for a while now and have been extremely happy with the products and the super fast shipping. Thanks for everything."
Bryant Morrison Stockton Ca.
Stockton, CA
"Bought the 1.5" lowering link for my 2015 XC. This length seems like the sweet spot between the others. Didn't want to go too low because the old lady has some junk her trunk. lol The bike is Now visually noticeable and 5'11" I can flat foot in sneakers. Followed the video and I was done in two beers. Well worth it and I can see why it's done so often. Will hold off on the kick stand for now as it leans pretty good but may get the skid plate...we'll see"
GloucesterCity, NJ
"I ordered a kickstand extension for my 2015 CC, it was at my door step in two days. Your service was awesome, the part fit like a glove. Thank you! "
Rick S
"Just switch from Harley to a Victory Magnum and was worried about aftermarket parts. Ordered your lowers and i could not believe how fast you sent them, and the quality was perfect. Just wanted to say thank you very much. Will join the club soon....super job"
Hurst, TX
"I'm not on any social sites but my bike is 98% witch dr. I send everyone who asks about my bike to witch dr's. Best company bar none from start to finish. The videos makes it easy for people like myself who like working on their bike themselves. "
Keith Maynard
"I purchased the new Cirius USA lights for my Cross Country highway bars. After speaking with Miss Robyn via email, she informed me that these new lights were not in stock yet. Robyn contacted CiriusUSA and had them dropped shipped to my front door. Super Customer service AGAIN!! I really need to get into the headhunter club! Bryan Johns (SubDude)"
Bryan Johns
Clinton, MI
"Thank you Brian for the follow up on my purchase, that was unexpected and greatly appreciated. The cheese wedges and exhaust tips arrived quickly and in good shape. I followed your instructions on installation, simple and quick. They really added a special touch to my Victory Cross Roads."
Chet Zaborowski
Auburn, PA
"Bought the 1 1/2 inch lowering link for my 2013 Victory Cross Roads. The link arrived very quickly and after watching the install video, it was extremely easy to install. I'm 5'7" with a 29" inseam, the 1 1/2 inch lowering link is perfect. My feet are now flat, I can back up easily and riding two up is much improved. Thanks Witchdoctor's! "
Millville, MA
"I wanted to thank the crew at Witchdoctor's for their superior service. After allot of "him hawing" I decided to buy the Cross Country rear master cylinder cover and a luggage rack for my 14 XC. The cover was on back order and would not be in for a few weeks. I called into customer service and asked it I could change the order to a complete Arlen Ness reservoir, customer service was eager to help me and they included a nice gift with the package that arrived Wicked Fast! Thank you Witchdocor's Crew for renewing my faith in how a company should operate. Signed - SubDude - Southern Michigan"
Bryan Johns (SubDude)
Clinton, MI
"I've ordered exhaust tips, air filters, amp, speakers, and now timing wheel. All shipped fast thanks for your help. P.S. tootsie rolls are fresher when weather is hot"
Stuart Cutt
WalnutCreek, CA
"Just want to say thanks to the staff at Witchdoctors. Ordered a tall sissy bar for my Gunner, shipped and received within one week of placing the order, and that was to Canada!! Great workmanship on the sissy bar, already lots of compliments. Keep up the great work, Craig"
"I ordered the alpine speakers 3 days after I ordered tailgate struts from Amazon and they arrived 4 days before the struts. I also received a call from witchdoctors to make sure everything was in order and if I needed anything. Thank you for such great service, prices, and quickness. Great company will deffinetly use them again. "
Stephen Gardner
"Faster than the speed of light. WOW you folks ship very very fast and accurately. You can bet I'll be ordering more Vision stuff from you. Your install videos are great too. Keep up the good work. "
Glen Osborne
"Thanks for the quick shipping of the Lloyd air filter. The bike ran awesome right up until a 16 yr old kid ran a stop sign last Friday.. But I'm OK abet for a few stitches. But I'm recovering nicely eating these sweet Tootsie Rolls you sent me .You guys are Great "
James Davis
Arlington, TX
"I just bought a 2015 hammer 8 ball. I bought parts from three companies. Two orders from witch doctors. The other places took forever to get parts and had horrible customer service. Witch doctors deliver everything on time and call to make sure you got everything in good condition. There is no doubt where I will get the rest of my up grades "
Dennis craig
HainesCreek, FL
"Ordered my Beacon LED headlight for my 2012CCT.....Have to say they were great. TY Karen for your patience with my order. Item was on Back order, but came in next day, shipped on the 12th and received on the 15th of June. Install was an absolute joy thanks to the awesome videos. My 3rd time doing business with WD. Will be makeing more purchases soon....TY all "
Jeff R
StatenIsland, NY
"I recently purchase shift/brake bushing for my 2014 XC. The bushing eliminated the slop on the gear shift pedal. Shifting is now smooth. Great product and service. "
"i bought the Tornado belt drive cover and all i can say is "WOW". People ask me where i got that and i laugh and tell em to look up WITCHDOCTORS CYCLE for the coolest stuff for Vics!!!!!🍺🍺🍺🍺"
VirginiaBeach, VA
"I really enjoy the service and professional help from Witchdoctor's. I've ordered the Led headlight, chrome parts and made my 2011 Cross County look great. The videos are the best and the staff are also the best I've ever dealt with. Looking forward to continue to do service with them. "
Carmel, NY
"I purchased the sound system upgrade with amp, and I love it. Easy to install just like the video. Even at 85mph the sound is great!!!"
Linden, NJ
"I love witch doctor cause they made it so easy for me to turn my kingpin in to a beautiful custom bagger ever since I saw a kingpin with cross country bags on it I instantly fell in love and as I said the folks at witchdoctor make it so easy"
JohnDay, OR
"I just replaced the rear brakes on my Victory today and with the great video from Witchdoctor's it was a breeze. Also the price of the brakes from your company it saved me nearly $18 over what the local dealership wanted and that was after I paid shipping!!! I have always received excellent customer service and great products and will be a loyal customer until the end when it comes to buying service and blind for my bike."
Dave Copeland
ElPaso, TX
"i can;t get enough of your products and service. your videos save me a lot of money. i would not order from anyone else. "
Ron Viau
"i love you guy's. your videos are awesome they help me a lot. i would not deal with anyone else. when i call you for anything you always come through. thanks. "
ron viau
"The Modular handlebars bought were of the absolute best quality excellent billet work. The package did arrive without a few parts, but customer service was the best of any small company. Without any questions missing parts were shipped immediately."
Ryan Ehle
Clovis, NM
"You cannot find a better vendor! Great pricing, great customer service, great followup, great response to any inquiry...and the instructional videos for installations that I have done are Invaluable! My wife has a 2011 Crossroads and I have recently purchased a 2012 Crossroads. Having tried various vendors I now Always start with Witchdoctors; if they have what I need I buy it from them! You should too."
Allen Till
Houston, TX
"I can't say enough about witchdoctors.... a few days after my parts came in, I got a call making sure that everything was OK. I'm really impressed that that care enough to make a personal phone call to check that everything went well, from receiving your parts in good condition to making sure your installation went well. Wow! 5 star service fellas. ... good job and thanks."
Bill Fiorello
KansasCity, MO
"Every time I've bought something from Witchdoctors, I am impressed!! My orders are filled and shipped very quickly, and I'm not talking about the standard UPS either!! I've ordered clutch cables for myself and my sons' bikes. I most recently ordered a Lloyds adjustable timing wheel, and everything has come via US Postal service Priority package. The one time I placed an order over the phone, they were friendly, and even called me back a few days later to make sure I had gotten what I needed and verified that I was happy with the service I had received. I won't even go into the value of the videos that Jon and his staff produce to make it easier for us DIY types!!! Just suffice it to say they give a person the confidence to tackle most tasks ourselves, and that is HUGE!!!"
Greg Nutsch
"Fast shipping . Good product .Real satisfied. Would definitely buy from them again."
Southside, FL
"First things first quick Ass shipping ! Wish everybody was quick like you guys ! And the follow up phone call to check and see if you got everything all right and if there's any questions or problems ... Who does that anymore or for some kids first and probably only time ! That's Customer Care !, and I don't know bout you guys but that's more enough for me to come back . I've ordered quite a bit of stuff from witchdoctors for my 04 kingpin to my 12 cross country tour . And the most grinning from ear to ear was when after a year fighting the Vfc 3 tuner with witchdoctors exhaust , k&n filter , I bought the lloyds adj. timing gear advanced it +4 and it was the cherry on top ! nomore popping ,redline through the gears quick . Thanks guys for the discount for the gear and almost forgot if it weren't FOR YOUR VERY HELPFUL DIY VIDEOS , I probably would take longer to buy or not at all because of the lack of knowledge, just yesterday was looking on YouTube to find out if buying just the 2 alpines speakers for the front minus the amp would be worth it or not was having a hard time till I watched the witchdoctors video and you tell us even if you just replace just the speakers it a damn good upgrade . Boom I was sold again bought them right then ! See guys if they were out for your pocketbook they wouldn't sell them seperately or tell you about it for the budget oriented customers. Keep up the good work guys !!!!!!! Appreciate y'all, Paul Petroff "
Paul Petroff
Cheswick, PA
"Bought the brake reservoir cap and the 5" extensions for my 2013 Judge. One minor issue with the extensions but they were very quick to sort it out. Excellent customer service and the products are great quality."
Glen Harrington
SouthernView, IL
"My service was awesome. Good product made from good material. I was supprised when I recieved a phone call just to see if I was saticfied with my purchase. Wow, when does that ever happen?"
Omar Rodas
AlisoViejo, CA
"I have ordered a few small items so far (voodoo mirrors, drain plug, hi-flo oil filter, drain plug gaskets, spark plugs, spark plug wires), and I have been impressed with the speed of the shipping, the quality of the packaging, and the overall quality of the parts. The tootsie rolls are a nice touch as well! Witchdoctors has really set themselves apart as a company that places customer service above all else. Fantastic company, this is my one-stop-shop for my XC!"
Tom W.
Hagerstown, MD
"I have bought a few things to make my victory highball my own like a derby cover, open belt guard and badge to replace the 6 speed badge and love every one. Not only do they fit great but the customer service that comes along with them. The call backs I receive to insure I am satisfied with my purchases believe me I will stay a HEAD HUNTER FOR LIFE!"
Robby Ramirez
Izoro, TX
"09 midnight cherry Vision, just installed those muscle slip on mufflers. Love the sound. My neighbor (Harley owner) had to come out side to see what was making that sweet rumble. PRO= Perfect Rumble , none of that Harley blaring thwap thwap. CON= Need some instructions for installation.Any type of diagrams or images for removal of the saddlebags, side panel fillers, ect. add a note "stock tips will not fit after installation". love doing business with yall. Great customer service, a lil slow on answering questions though."
Todd B
Watauga, TX
"Great service,speedy delivery North of the border and even a follow up call to ensure everything was correct-these guys do it RIGHT,Will most defiantly will order again and let friends know who to order from."
Craig Rodgers
"What a great company catering to the Victory crowd! All motorcycle manufacturer's should have a vendor like Witchdoctors supporting their brand. WD really knows how to service the DIY crowd with the highest level of quality products from a whole host of Victory vendors including excellent support."
Joe Nicholes
"I discovered Witchdoctors by doing an internet search for Victory accessories. What a FIND! I have since placed numerous orders for products available through Witchdoctors. Although they sell products from Kuryakyn, etc. I will always buy from Witchdoctors because of th videos. You can't imagine how much simpler it makes to install items when you can see it on a video. Ever read the instructions from other suppliers. Left side Right side. Sitting on the bike or facing the bike. I have personally experienced both scenarios from Kuryakyn instruction sheets. How about Brake side, clutch side using the handlebar location of these operations to describe left or right. No matter. I need a part I will go to Witchdoctors and I tell all fellow bike owners about this company. Keep up the great work. I have had the opportunity to talk with Customer Service. Very helpful friendly people to work with. Asked about bag fillers for my 14 CCT--got a response in 10 min. Can't beat that service. Great job!"
John Shimkus
Woodridge, IL
"lived in Oklahoma now in Indiana ordered parts while at old address parts on back order called left message returned call in a timely manner got address updated to new house parts shipped very pleased with response time and service quality. This place is all about the customer being happy with there service and product they have. Very happy cant wait to install all that was ordered thanks WD "
David Foreman
Wolcottville, IN
"it says a lot of a company that cares about customer service when they take the time to call and make sure you got everything on time and in good shape, and that you are happy with your purchase. A big thanks go out too all that works at WD."
Richard S.
"I have bought numerous items from Witchdoctors for my 2014 XC. Have never been disappointed with the quality of the parts or the shipping. The DIY videos are also a time saver and money saver."
Paul Backus
RioRancho, NM
"Thank you witchdoctor's, For the T-shirt, now I'm feeling part the crew... my daughters love the extra souvenirs lol....definitely I'm going to use in 2015 Americade. New York"
Rossini Santos (Ross)
Salem, MA
"I ordered numerous parts overa 2 month period and was extremely happy with them. When I had questions I recieved quick answers. This is a great company with great parts."
Marty Sidders
Alva, OK
"I had a question regarding the installation of a part I had ordered, and came to the website's tech page to ask on a Saturday evening. I received an email the next morning, which was a Sunday mind you, with an answer and explanation on how to properly install the part. The parts are top quality and the customer service is amazing. Unfortunately rare these days for a business to truly care about their products and their customers. WitchDoctors does!!"
Mark Malinski
Peoria, AZ
"Thanks for the great products for my 2013 Highball. Sissy bar and cruise control are the best. Will continue to purchase from Witchdoctors for more variety and the fastest delivery from the USA to Australia. Thanks again."
David Evans
"Ordered the K&P oil filter at a great Christmas deal. Witchdoctors shipped it the same day. They even sent a bottle opener, Christmas ornament and $5 in voodoo bucks. You guys rock! "
EastGrandForks, MN
"I'm lucky enough to live close (about an hour in PA) to drive to the shop so I have stopped by several times and always have been treated great by the whole staff. This testimonial is long overdue, this summer I needed some touchup paint work done on my Vision saddle bag door and could not find anyone to do the work and mentioned it to Jon, after looking at what I needed done he said it would be no problem doing it for me. Even though this was around the time he was moving the warehouse to its current location and very busy he got the door fixed so I was without it for a very short time. I have not dealt with any company that will go out of there way to help as much as Witchdoctor's. If you want to talk to someone who knows Victory this is the place to go you will not be sorry. "
Ken Mannka
Gibsonia, PA
"I placed my order at 9:46 in the morning and received an email 15 minutes later saying my order had shipped. Now that's fast shipping. After receiving my items i had a question so I sent in an email, within 30 minutes I received a reply. Awesome customer service, great prices. I will definitely buy from you guys again."
Rigby, ID
"Thank you for the great video for installing the 21" wheel kit. I ordered the Adrenaline wheel mounted with the Avon tire and a Wrapper fender. Following the video, it took me about 40 minutes to do the entire dis-assembly and re-assembly. AND the wheel/fender combo looks incredible!! I'm looking forward to adding more Witchdoctor accessories very soon."
Bill Henderson
MissouriCity, TX
"same day shipping both times I have ordered from Witch Doctors, very impressed with how quickLY they get the orders out the door and onto my doorstep. "
Dan Cassidy
"I placed my order and my item arrived super fast. During my second order had some issues with the checkout but Erica provided guidance for me to complete my order. Totally satisfied."
Tony Caro
"I watched your video on how to remove the inner fairing on a Victory Cross Country. Great information, it's guys like you that make the world a better place"
Stevinformatione Peteani
Circleville, NY
"I can't believe how quickly I received my order! After working out a minor issue with my order, once I received the lower wind deflectors for the Victory Cross Country and installed them, WOW, these things work. They create a wonderful air pocket and eliminate the buffeting I was experiencing. They look like they came with the bike. It takes a little time to get them properly aligned, but well worth it. Looking forward to doing more business with Witchdoctor's! PS Awesome goodie bag comes with the order!"
Bennett, CO
"I ordered the STING-48-VIS High mount LED Brake Light. The purchase was simple, and the item arrived promptly. It fit perfectly. The instructions were very accurate and the product exceeded my expectations. I will definitely do business with this company again!"
Mesa, AZ
"I ordered the trunk liner kit for my XCT on Monday 9/29/14. It arrived today, 10/2/14! Great service you guys! This, despite the 7-10 days ship time on the site! You guys rock!"
Ben Diaz
"Bought the 2" lowering link and lowered kickstand for my 2010 Cross Roads. Great quality products! The videos posted to Witchdoctor site was a huge help and made the installation pretty quick and painless. Install on both items took less then two hours."
CarsonCity, NV
"Have been buying several things and all have been shipped quickly if they were in stock. Recently had ordered the Sabertooth lights and one of them was defective. They quickly got me a replacement and I'm totally satisfied. Jessica and Erica are both great to deal with. And thanks so much for the videos!!"
Antonino, KS
"Erica is the best. There were no problems i would recommend Witchdoctor and Erica. Every thing arrived in Sydney Australia with no drama :)"
"Actually I was hoping to ask a question. in your photo gallery of kingpins with the cross country saddle bags installed what exhaust is being used on the red and white one with what looks like true duels? They evidently are long enough to go at least to the back of the bag."
Eric Weeda
Ephrata, WA
"This place has the best customer service I have ever received. I got screwed on ordering an exhaust from 2 other places.... needless to say I was pretty irritated. I was ranting about it on Facebook and Jon the owner contacted me on Facebook and checked his invitory for me. He didn't have it but 4 days later he had one for me I took the hour road trip to go pick it up to save on shipping when I got there everyone was friendly and awesome to deal with! I called a few times and talked with I believe her name was Jessica and every time she was extremely helpful in the whole process. These are great people to deal with I'll definitely be a repeat customer and plan on doing a lot more business here! It's great to see awesome customer service like this!"
Ryan Sotka
"Recently purchased lloydz VFCIII, Adjustable IAC, and Lloydz air filter for my 12 xc. Was finally able to install. Directions were good, and all above products are excellent. After seeing your muscle exhaust mods, I decided to build my own and make the bike stand out from the crowd. The air and fuel tweaks were just what the doctor ordered. Bike is running great and I receive a ton of good comments on my exhaust mods. Thanks Witchdoctor for your excellent service. "
Scott Myers
"Thank you for the prompt service. Ordered plug wires, had them in two days. I will be ordering more items, and will recommend you to my riding buddies.. Thanks again, John Grimaldi"
John Grimaldi
SterlingHeights, MI
"Best customer service, fast shipping."
Claude Chu
"I bought the padded seat for my wife's XC and loves it and said it was very comfortable, we ride a lot of miles some days and she feels great when the day is over... A special thanks Robin with WD she called and spoke with us on the seat and seeing if all is well, also the shipping was great to, we receive a tracking number and follow it... Thanks WD"
Larry Brown
Murfreesboro, TN
"I dropped my 08 Kingpin off with Jon to black out while I was was headed back oevrseas to finish my deployment. I picked up a few days ago and the results are beyond what I expected. What an incredible job and the detail was detailed. From torque tubes to the fuel controller, custom black brake rotors, blacked out bolts and repainting my tank, they did a kick ass job"
Chantilly, VA
"Best customer service and fastest shipping ever. I foresee i will be spending lots of $$$ here :)"
MorroBay, CA
"Bought the Lloydz Adjustable Timing System on Thursday thinking I had ordered it on Tuesday. Needless to say I rec'd it on Saturday thinking I wouldn't see it unil Monday or Tuesday. I was floored getting it so fast. The only thing that blew me away more was how fast I uninstalled and installed the new system. Took away the backfire cracking when letting off the throttle. Thanks Witch Doctor for your product and fast service."
Mark S Williams
Speed, IN
"Jon, There are so many things we can't count on anymore, like gas prices, the stock market and a good steak. But I can always count on WitchDoctors for awesome service, quality and fast delivery. I never worry about getting the right stuff or when will it get here. Thanks."
JIm Gregoire
Gorham, ME
"It does not get any better than Witchdoctors. Quality parts, exceptional service and very helpful "how to" videos that have safed me a lot of money doing things myself that I would have otherwise not been able to do and would need to pay someone to do it for me. Thanks Jon, for all you do for us Victory folks."
Craig Buist
Callaway, MD
"on time right parts what else can I say thanks for the candy becky I owe u"
Danville, NH
"I bought a rj customs hotrod pipe from Jon and could not be happier,he makes one stop shopping all that much better,and the shipping is spot on for us out here"
Phil latham
"I bought the Cross Bike "Voodoo Series" Performance Kit. For my 2013 XC installed it just fine. Can't seem to get it tuned. Tried calling tech support but they never answer or return my calls. I'm about ready to just take it to the dealer and have the tri ovals installed. The air filter was crushed and they shipped the wrong grips. I will never order from witch doctor's again. "
Frank Fortino
WestValleyCity, UT
"Nice folks! Ordered vision fender low, called after 3 weeks to check on order Robin was very nice and very helpful. New to victory, love the videos!"
Mike bates
Decaturville, TN
"My first order was a batwing faring and I screwed up the windshield measurements I just advised witch doctors and will advise on the return policy. got my original package lightning fast "
Michael J Bene
SpringHill, FL
"I just wanted to let you know that I think the girls at Witchdoctors are fabulous. They help me so much and went out of their way to make sure I was well taken care of. To Becky thanks. "
Ron Viau
"I just ordered the no baffle muscle mufflers for my 2013 Hardball. This will be the first thing i have ordered from this site but everyone I talk to that has ordered from here has nothing but positive reviews and all i have read and seen about the mufflers is excellent. Im excited for the mufflers and anxious to order more. next on the list.... PCV"
"I just installed Witch Doctors Baffled muscle mufflers on my 2013 XC, Placed the order and had them in 3 business days. Install went like clock work after watching the install video on their web page. Bike now sounds like a bike should, I would recommend the baffled unless you want to terrorize your neighbor, the baffled are perfect. I was also enjoyed the small bag of tootsie rolls and complimentary bottle open as a bonus. These took no more than 90 minutes to install. I wavered back and forth with baffled or un baffled, I am very happy with the baffles. Ride On!"
Hampden, ME
"Normally when you see "universal" parts it means it universally will not fit ANYTHING. I trusted Kuryakin and Headhunter and bought one. Turned out a pretty good deal. Only about a half as much as the Victory unit. It's more centered and will keep the bag off the trunk lid. You can see the comments on the Victory Vision Facebook page. (I think I've sold two of them for you!)"
Rick Myers
Brackettville, TX
"I've only ordered once from Witchdoctor's and I'm impressed with the company. I think I ordered on a Wednesday and received them Saturday morning. Not only did I get Glossy Black Deflector's, but I got Toostie Roll's and a Witchdoctor's bottle opener. Bravo Zulu. "
Craig Sprinkle
Portsmouth, VA
"Recently purchased the baffled Muscle Mufflers for my 2013 Cross Country. Extremely simple installation especially with the Youtube How-To video. This exhaust sounds exceptional. Just the right amount of sound with a low, throaty rumble and zero backfire or ping. Love Witchdoctors products and will be shopping and recommending extensively in the future. "
Kyle H. Totten III
NutterFortSton, WV
"Greta products, great service.! I'll be back when looking for miore Victory accessories. Thanx!"
Will Fisher
SanDiego, CA
"I just installed the 3rd Brake Light Kit (99 L.E.D.s) on my 2012 Vision's tour pack, and WOW what a difference! The on-line instructions were great, very easy to follow. There IS one thing I wish Witchdoctor's would have included in the kit: the Posi-Tap connectors which were shown in the on-line instructions. After finding and purchasing them from another vendor, I used them as you instructed and they worked really slick. (From now on I'll be using them on other wiring projects, too!) I just want to thank Witchdoctor's for a really great safety-related product and such fast service. I look forward to doing business with you again! "
SaintCloud, MN
"I've ordered several times from Witchdoctor's and have never been disappointed. Jon and his employees have taken exceptional care of me and my ride. I look forward to using their services for years to come as I continue to make my Cross Country unique. Thank you again."
Robert Morneau
Elkton, MD
"I bought my bike stock, except for pipes,a seat, and LED blinkers new in 2012. As is the usually the case, I was completely satisfied, at first. Like most of us though, I soon realized that I wanted to do more to make my bike MINE. I ordered the 4 inch foot control extensions for my 2012 High Ball. I currently live overseas and the parts came in very quickly, fit great, and work perfectly. I will be ordering a lot more from Witch Doctors in the coming months, for sure. "
"I had my rims and hubs powder coated on my 2012 crf450r. I was unsure how the quality would be based on how low the cost was. When I got them back I was blown away!!!! Looked like brand new. Couldn't be any happier. Thanks guys you saved me hundreds and I will continue to bring business to you. Very satisfied customer! "
"Powder coating couldn't have been easier. Got a call the day my parts arrived at WD's and talked to Becky and a few others to sort out details quick and easy. About 3 days after I sent my crash bars to WD, I already had a tracking # for the parts coming my way. They look great, and I couldn't have asked for any better service/quality. Thanks you!"
Clarksville, TN
"Thanks for the great coating job on my levers, they are perfect."
Scott P
Shakopee, MN
"I have purchased a kickstand extension, Cheese wedge cover and cam tensioner covers from Witchdoctor's. Each time the products arrived quickly, installed as advertised and look great. I always look to these guys first when shopping for my bike."
Manchester, CT
"Just installed the lowered kickstand with extender and it works flawlessly great products from witch doctor. I would never hesitate to purchase from them, they are a great place to do business with. Thank you for all of your products and videos. Plus they always have fast shipping! :)"
ElPaso, TX
"I have a 2013 Victory XCT and I wanted a louder sound coming from my pipes. The stock mufflers sounded very wimpy and I was beginning to hear the wining of my drive belt. I purchased the Muscle Mufflers, No Baffles, and I am very satisfied with them. Now cagers pay attention when I am close to them. At cruising speeds I can still hear my music. I still have the stock radio and speakers, but I will be upgrading the speakers soon. I ordered the Muscle Mufflers, NO Baffles, from Witchdoctor on Monday and they arrived on Wednesday. It took me and a buddy 90 minutes on Friday to install them. Great sound, great value, great service. I strongly recommend the NO Baffle Muscle Mufflers and I will be making many more purchases from Withchdoctor. Thank you."
Fayetteville, GA
"i bought several items , the saddle bag liners , the speaker covers and the bolts for the bags. iam from canada and was sceptic with the shipping and service , since it was my first time. well all i have to say is you can feel free to do business with anytime. they worked with my problems very well, (different shipping adress) and all and they helped me save on my shipping , and what can i say about the fast replies through email , and if thats not fast enough they call you!! i will buy many other products from witchdoctors, THANKS A MILLION!!"
"Right on Wayne and KOOL gear as well, Looking forward to fitting MSD twin Coil setup. Thanx Witchdoctors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Darryll Spalding
"I'd just like to say how absolutely impressed I am with the service from your company, I only ordered the parts last Wednesday night and they arrived today Tuesday here in Queensland, Australia. Thank you so very much, I'll be buying from you folks again for sure and I'll tell every other Victory rider I meet about your incredibly swift service. Regards Wayne"
Wayne Knowles
"Really fast shipping. I chose 2-3 days, but the confirmation said 7-10. However, I still got it in 2 days. I will be ordering again!"
ElPaso, TX
"I have purchased several items to customize my 2013 cct, the parts of high quality and the shipping and customer service is great, now were starting on my brothers 2014 cc, thanks jon !!!"
" I purchased a Victory XCT last month and I have made a few purchases from you. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate the quick shipping and quality products! Look forward to doing continued business with you! "
BocaRaton, FL
"Hi WD got my gifts and that was the fastest mail I ever got from the U.S. plus everything was what I ordered.Only thing I didn't like was cost of shipping and then the 83.00 they nailed me at the door for duty.but that the cost of living in Canada.thanks Jon for great service GEORGE IN PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND "
"I just received the best service EVER!! I had enquired about a problem I had with the location of my floorboards because I am short and I just got a call from the Witch Doctor himself...talk about great customer service. I love this company!!! Plan on doing a lot more purchases from them in the near future, just sent my mufflers down for him to work on and can\'t wait to \'hear\' the results. Thanks Witch Doctor, you and your company are the best!!!!!"
"I purchased the tall sissy bar, vertical side mount license plate bracket, and lighted license plate frame. All arrived extremely quick and were great quality. I will be ordering additional parts to change my High Ball to be mine. Only one suggestion is on lighted license plate frame is make the connection wires longer. To get to wiring under my seat I had to solder on an extension, no big deal but just a thought. "
VirginiaBeach, VA
"Bought the no baffle muscle mufflers for my Cross Country. They arent kidding when they say it makes it sound like a muscle car....nice deep rumble and throaty. Two thumbs up....great sound and super price."
Aaron Kelly
Moravia, IA
"Jon, first of all I personally would like to thank you for the article you had sent to us at The Road Hawgs. Everyone here found it to be not only informative but dead on to what goes on behind closed doors. Also since the newsletter went out late yesterday evening I have received over 50 emails so far from my readers who have commented on your article. That is an all time record here and we can't tell you how excited we are to get all that mail. It has shown us that people have read our newsletter and that some, who own Victory Motorcycles, will be more than likely to show up at your site just to see what it is all about. Great job and it is our hope that if we can be of any help to you in the future that we will be more than happy to obliged."
BocaRaton, FL
"I just bought 2014 XC and couldn't stand how quiet she was. With a power commander V with auto tune, air intake, and WITCHDOCTORS NO BAFFLE MUSCLE MUFFLER. These babies are loud but I can still play my classic rock and hear it just fine!! . Huge power increase for me! Thumbs up and will be a repeat customer for sure"
Odessa, TX
"I have a 2011 victory cross country.I installed a 1 1/2 inch lowering link from Witch Doctor it was really easy to install after watching the how to video.Will be buying more parts from you guys this winter.Thanks again"
"I had a small issue while checking out - could not select priority shipping, so I added a comment to that effect on the order. Not only was it shipped priority, it arrived in two days! Well packed. GREAT service!! You will certainly get my business again!"
AtlanticBeach, FL
"Purchased the key re-location kit and chrome battery covet. First I was amazed how fast it was shipped and delivered. The installation of both items, went smoothly, by their instructions. I was real satisfied with the look and function of the products. Will be looking at Witch Doctors, for my future purchase."
Michael Contino
"amanzing service!!!! thanks for all"
EastElmhurst, NY
"Purchased 1" lowering link. Great look and ads to comfort and ride. witch doctor is the place to buy your victory stuff "
robin trance
"Purchased No Baffle Pipes, Lloydz Air Valve, Lloydz Air Filter, & Lloydz Fuel Programmer. Fast shipping. Great products. Installed all parts in 3 Hours. Absolutely love it. 50 MPG (60 MPH, Flat Road, 5th Gear) and seems like a lot more horsepower. Thanks Witchdoctor!!!!!!!!"
Don Padgett
Ardmore, AL
"The guality of parts I have received was awesome.I love the chrome tips.and get so.many complements as well as the bag fillers,.I'm glad I got the upers and.lowers."
Hemet, CA
"I shopped for a long time and after visiting the WitchDoctors web site over and over I finally purchased the MUFF20 mufflers for my 2012 Cross Country Tour. Literally took me 45 minutes to install and the next day took a 300 mile trip into the mountains. The sound is just right and I noticed a little more horsepower. Thank you all "
John Vecchi
Plymouth, MA
"I would like to say everything I have purchased from WD has been exactly as advertized, instructional video's have been great and easy to follow. The customer service has been excellant! Jon, Becky and the whole crew Thank you, ya'll do good work."
Frank Randall
Charlotte, NC
"I've purchased serveral items for my 2006 Kingpin. The quality has been good and service has been excellant. I recently ordered LED tail lights that had been discontinued. They offered to special order them for me. Thanks Witch doctors."
Vickie Morris
WinterHaven, FL
"Order lowering kit for my Cross Country, plus the skid plate and the kick stand. The video instructions where right on I had my problems installing all the parts. The dime and penney trick for the kickstand worked great. The shipping and service was great."
Dr. Don Leckey
Johnstown, PA
"Everything I've ordered from you looks great, fits perfectly and arrived on-time."
Dan Meek
Tulsa, OK
"Great service . Fast delivery . I purchased the no baffle muffler and big balled tips, awesome. Sounds great, it's the sound I wanted. I have an 2008 vision it's what it was missing. I'm glad i waited for these. Thanks"
Kevin Reistad
Ellendale, MN
"I just got my battery cover it is awsome guy's thanks a lot "
bobby Holt
Athens, AL
"Installed baffled mufflers on on 2012 Vision today. Sounds great...plenty of volume!!! Install took about 2 hours...I could do a second bike in half that time though:>)"
Kevin Wilbur
Omaha, NE
"You guys are faster than fast in getting the orders out. Items received and are great. Thanks for folks!"
GrandRapids, MI
"I ordered the Voodoo High Performance Mufflers for my 2013 Victory CC. They were easy to install and they sound awesome. I am pleased with this site"
V Fortune
Dearborn, MI
"I ordered a kickstand extention for my Cross Roads Classic. As low as the bike is I still had trouble reaching the kickstand. Problem solved. Easy installation."
Don Turner
Manchester, CT
"I ordered a chrome exchange brake caliper for my Victory. The quality of the chrome job was pathetic. After a few e-mails it became very clear his attitude was "you bought it, it's yours". I will never deal with this company again. I'll post this ever where I can (with pictures) so others will know what to expect."
Jerry Hoover
Lutz, FL
"Have Ordered Many Things from Witchdoctor's All with Great Results . Just want to mention the Avon Grips though.. Best Mod ever did to my 2012 XC .. Did a 3,000+ Trip right after bought them and the improvement was noticable before had the first 100 miles in .."
Jay McElroy
LakeCity, FL
"I have order a lot of parts from Jon in the last year.I own three victory and have bought parts for all three bikes and will keep buying from witchdoctor's.I order some parts today."
Michael Buckley
Pensacola, FL
"The Witchdoctor installed new baffled pipes with a little help from his Doctor in training on my 2012 Vision. They did a great job and the pipes add that one thing my bike was missing. Thanks guys"
"installed my new baffled mufflers, easy job. went on a ride interstate and back roads for 168 miles. love'em sound great loud enough to be heard but not teeth rattling. not sure about the more or less HP thing but the smile factor is definitely increased. thanks witch doctor "
"A friend ordered a 2" lowering arm but received a 1" arm. I watched the WD's video on how to do the job and must say he made it look easy. Trying to get the nuts loose on the shock and linkage are was no easy task. I tried for over an hour with know luck and not wanting to break anything I called the dealer mechanic and a friend the next day. The mechanic told me to try turning right which after testing another nut confirmed I was trying the correct way. So when a friend showed up and tried I thought he would break it loose and I'd just look weak. Wellhead couldn't get it loose until after using a breaker bar. So it's not as easy breaking those nuts loose as the video shows. The rest of the job was just as easy as the instructional video made it to be. Thank you for the help and look forward to seeing other videos on how to from the Witch Doctor for all my Victory needs. After all I own two Victory bikes and two of my friends each own a Victory XC."
Mark S William
Speed, IN
"I have ordered a lot of thing from Jon over the last few weeks. Bought my very first victory and will never buy anything else. Witch Doctor is helping to make mine like no other one out there. Parts are cheap and shipping is so fast and customer service is even better and faster than the shipping. All parts are extreme high quality and easy to install. LOVE THE FACTS IT ALL USA PARTS!!!!!!!!"
"Just installed the VOODOO performance exhaust kit on my 2010 XC. Sounds great, the extra performance is there too. Only trouble I had was sqeezing my big mits in to unplug and plug-in the injectors for the Lloyd's Fuel Tuner, but that's because of the design of the bike not the product. My experience with these guys has been great, I did'nt like the USPS delivery, would be great to offer other options for delivery in the states. About to ship the cores back, hope it all goes smooth. I give WITCHDOCTOR'S 3 THUMBS UP!!!"
Tyler, TX
"Met Mr. and Mrs. Witchdoctor at an open house event his past weekend and what a great couple. So great in fact I ended up buying some exhaust tips and put them immediately on my Vision and took the shirt I was wearing and threw on a Witchdoctor's shirt. This on top of all the money I have thrown at them. Now at least I have a face to point at when my wife asks me who keeps taking all of my money LOL. Thanks for the great products and keep them coming."
Chantilly, VA
"I ordered a tag relocation kit and two O2 sensor replacement caps on 04/12/13 for my 2012 Jackpot. The packages arrived on 04/15/13. This is what I call service. I wish all dealers would provide this type of customer service when it comes to shipping ordered items. Thanks WD. This will keep you at the top of my list when it comes to my upgrade needs."
SanAntonio, TX
"The parts I ordered from Witch Doctor's came quickly. The parts were exactly as described. I'm very happy with Witch Doctor's"
LasVegas, NV
"I am always very pleased to do business with the WitchDoctor. I have 2010 Cross Country."
Big Chrome
"Just installed 11/2 lower kit to my 2012 xct only took 45 min. Watch the video first. Made it a very easy job first time order more orders to follow THANKS "
Riverdale, CA
"I bought the Chrome Billet Jet tips for my Vision Exhaust , Arrived safe and sound DOWN UNDER in OZ . Great service and some really trick products . Great to deal with . "
"I ordered a luggage rack for the river run. Next month thinking it would take awhile but to my surprise I got it in couple days. When it arrive I was so happy with it. It's looks so much better then the OEM rack. I recommend black. It looks great thank you. "
LasVegas, NV
"I recently received my box of chrome bolt kits. Upon installation, I found one bolt with bad threads. I sent an e-mail to WD's, and received a replacement in 3 days. Great customer service, and quality product. I'll be buying more in the near future."
Newark, IL
"Just testing the waters ,found that WD,is on top of things & placed a small order yesterday,the first of a lot more to go hisway."
"I ordered the no-baffle pipes for my vision; they arrived two days later and when i put them on, the sound was amazing; nearly brought tears to my eyes!"
Knoxville, TN
"I ordered the 2" lowering kit and shortly kickstand. I got the order in 3 days. When I had a question, they answered it and got me on my way without any problems. This is the only place to get ur victory parts. Thanks Guys!!"
NorthJudson, IN
"I recently bought the Colored Cap Kit in blue for all over my bike and just wanted to let you know they really look awesome and gave my bike a super cool custom look. I have a custom paint job that was done in a base House of Kolor Cobalt Kandy Blue and they match perfectly. Thanks and keep it up. You have some of the coolest Victory stuff around."
Ben Harper
RockHill, SC
"I Installed the baffled mufflers on my xc the sound is what you promised great job guys I would Recommend you to anyone and I will be back for a Hi flow filter and controler."
Don Bertling
ValleyCenter, KS
"I just installed the chrome trunk mount on my XCT and I love the look. Brightens up the whole rear end. Thanks, Witchdoctor"
GrayFox/ Buffalo Soldiers
"I ordered a side mount lincense plate for my high-ball. I received it in less than 48 hours from purchase. Great quality and easy to install. There are Several other adds I will be purchasing soon!"
"I bought the baffled mufflers and put them on my 2013 XC and all I can say is WOW! Good job Jon! The tips I bought were just a bit tight fitting but with a little work I got them lined up and they look "Bad Ass" as Jon describes them. No poping when shifting! Ive got over 500 miles on the pipes now and couldnt be happier! Thanks Jon for a great set of mufflers! If anyone lives in the Orlando FL area and wants to see (hear) them up close just let me know. "
David Boucher
"I've read everything I could about WitchDoctor, and all reviews and videos are top notch! I spoke with Jon on the phone and he was very direct about his baffle mufflers, but I like that in a person- Tell it like it is! I bought the baffled ones for my 2013 XC and I couldnt be happier! The entire job took me 2 hours from start to finish, only because I had to do some finishing around the end of pipe so the tips could line up with mounting holes. Everything looks as Jon says "BAD ASS" and the muffler sounds just as described (60s muscle car)Im going to take my bike over to this place close by and have it DYNO just to see whats going on and for piece of mind. I will report back later with results. Thanks Jon"
"Just put my no baffle exhaust on my XC. OOOOWEEE!!!!! The sound is incredible, especially for what they cost. Only other thing I did was install the High Flow air filter. Thanks Jon. Super product!!"
Craig Hinton
Kernersville, NC
"Just purchased and installed the no baffle muscle mufflers for my 2012 Cross Country. I was skeptical about performing the install myself, but after viewing the install video I tackled the project with ease. I am extremely pleased with the sound of the no baffle exhaust. I previously had the stage 1 exhaust installed on my bike and am much more pleased with the WitchDoctors product."
Ed Diaz / LAMA Tampa
NewPortRichey, FL
"I ordered some small accessories and to my suprise I received my order in 2 days. Thank you very much."
Tony Copeland
Moundhouse, NV
"I ordered the 2" lowering arm and kickstand for my '12 Cross Country. My dealer cautioned me the handling could be compromised with that much of a drop. I performed the lowering arm switch out in about 1 hour with the aid of the "how to" video available on this site. I am no mechanic, but the video instructions made this very very easy. The hardest part was the kickstand spring. Geez somebody ought to invent a tool for that. That took me as long as the lowering rod. Next day my wife and I put about 100 miles on the bike. I can not detect any compromise in ride or handling what so ever. A couple of tips: Tie your bike off to something other than the jack. I tied the bike off to a wall stud on one side and the wheel of my SUV on the other. Nice to perform the job knowing that even if the jack fails, the bike can't tip. Also, I think you will want to order the kick stand extension. It gets harder to locate with your heal after you have installed the shorter stand. Next step is a 23" wheel and a rake kit. Great service and great products Jon."
Daryl Breymeyer
"I ordered a 1" lowering link from WitchDoctors, for my XC. I installed the link myself, after watching Jon's how to video. Thanks Jon, without the how to video, I would have never attempted this myself. Thanks again!"
Freddie Dorrance
"I ordered an open belt cover that said backordered. I called jon and asked when I could expect it. He went out of his way to find one on one of their trucks and I had it 2 days later...That's what I call customer satisfaction.I will order all me custom parts for my victory from them and I urge all other victory riders to do the same....Can't thank you enough Jon"
John Wilkins
"I ordered a clutch cable, wedge bracket,accessories for the bracket,cheese wedge and badges.Jon combined my orders and shipped them to me faster than fast.Spoke to Jon on the phone with questions after I placed the order. He is great with customers. I'm more than pleased by the service the WitchDoctor has provided. I will definitely order again and reccommend WitchDoctor to all Victory riders. Thanks very much Jon! "
Larry stafford
Manchester, NH
"I recently placed my first order with the Witchdoctor. I ordered a black Barnett clutch cable and magnetic oil plug w/extra washers for my 2008 Vegas. I used the 10% dicount from the forums. Jon was by far the best price on the clutch cable. I e-mailed Witchdoctor a month ago with questions and got a prompt reply. My order was shipped the same day it was placed and at my door 2 days later. Thanks for a Great deal on American products with Great service. I recommend You to all Victory riders. Thanks again!"
SouthPortland, ME
"I just received the Chrome Braided Spark Plug Wires (TRK-08-CH) and I must say that it is an exceptionally well made product, fits and looks great on my Kingpin. I will be ordering other Vic accessories form here, excellent service."
"I have purchased from withcdoctors and there service has been great. The quality of products are top shelf and shipping is fast and fair. I would recommend anyone with a victory to purchase there aftermarket and OEM products here. I plan to buy again. Thanks WD.com"
Chuck Lopez
"Can say enough about the support Jon has provided to me personnaly with some of the parts on my bike and just as near to my heart the Wasatch Victory Riders!!! Jon has a heart of gold and has provided us assistance in helping our VMC Charter to go to the next level. Jon thank you!!!! Thank you for all you do and the awesome parts you make for our Victory's!!!!"
Randy Loosle - Wasatch Victory Riders
Ogden, UT
"Just received battery box cover and frame end plug for victory kingpin. Everything fits great and I was very pleased with the polished stainless battery cover. The shipping was fantastic very quick, pricing was great it was a pleasure doing business with you. My order thru pay pal was under Covenly Deardeuff (wife). You all have a great product and I will continue to watch your site for future purchases. I am a true believer in buying american that is why I own a Kingpin"
Sherman Deardeuff
"i bought from jon a couple years ago and he helped me with the riddler bike jon has great products and is alot of great help with me keep up the great work and always checking on new items in the web sincerely johnny english english body works on the riddler bike check it out "
johnny english
Richmond, VA
"Great service and selection!!! If you are a Victory M/C owner you will be pleased to see the Witch Doctor is “in!” Finally, I can find those sought after parts and accessories for my Cory XC & Arlen Vision that are so elusive elsewhere. John provides excellent advice, without bias, no hard sell, and most off all frankness. I recently purchased mufflers and was a little unhappy with the overall volume produced. John quickly sent me another set of slightly quieter mufflers with no hassles on the returning product. All my orders have come on time as promised and the products are “first class!” Thank-you BUY Witch Doctors.com for filling such a vast void. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED. "
Doug Lang
LaQuinta, CA
"What a joy to find someone else who thnkis this way."
"I am very pleased with the business relationship I've shared with the Witchdoctor over the years (I’ve owned 3 different Victory motorcycles). I find the Witchdoctor to be an excellent parts, service and accessories provider. The Witchdoctor has been dependable, friendly and open. His attention to detail, willingness to listen as well as deliver custom accessories has always surpassed my needs. I would not hesitate in recommending the Witchdoctor to all Victory riders."
Bill Charrette
"You da Man Jon, thanks for all you do!"
Brian K Hansen
DesMoines, IA
"I am always very pleased to do business with the WitchDoctor. My first bike was an 2007 Kingpin now I own a 2010 Vision. The WitchDoctor was awesome with both bikes. I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future :-)."
Rodney Jackson
"Hey Jon, Thanks again, you saved me from not having Tysons Revenge to ride. The Harness worked for wiring and thanks for all the over the phne help. Witch Doctors is a five star first class Company, always there to help with parts and explain how they go on the bike. True professionals. Dennis"
Dennis Balogh
"You are the king of Victory Accessories."
Bob Dole
BeverlyHills, CA
"Great service!"
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